Who am I?

Hello, I’m Tanmay!

I’m a self-taught full stack developer based in Dhupguri, India. I can develop responsive websites from scratch and raise them into modern user-friendly web experiences

Transforming my thoughts and knowledge into websites has been my passion for over a year. And I always believe in quality rather than quantity. I always strive to learn about the newest technologies and frameworks

Other than web development, I really am intrigued about the operations part of app lifecycle. In modern terms, DevOps is my goal and web dev is part of it.



I like winter more than summer

I often motorbike with my friends

I like momos

My current favourite show is The Witcher

And current anime is OnePiece

I intend to give the world new view from my camera lenses

I am a dedicated full stack developer and a DevOps Enthusiast, with a passion for developing innovative solutions solving complex problems. Full Stack with JavaScript and DevOps with Go, is my life in this vast tech industry.



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